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Fragrance Types For Him

When He Is …

His Fragrance Type Should Be …

Fabulous Fragrance Gift Choices …



Fresh and brisk – a scent made from oils derived from lemon, lime and orange

Cologne, Handcare Lotion, Aftersport Moisturizer, Soap on a Rope, Sport Totes, Gift Sets



Forest notes from oak moss, resin from laudanum and geranium oil

Cologne, Talc, Soap, Friction Lotion



Clove and cinnamon notes may be blended with olibanum, thyme, nutmeg or pepper

Cologne, Bath Oil, Talc, Soap, Aftershave Lotion, Candles, Gift Sets with Accessories



A classic scent based on vetiver and woody notes such as rosewood, sandalwood and cedar

Scented Shaving Cream, Cologne, Soap, Talc, Gift Sets with Accessories



A smoky, pungent, somewhat sweet scent – very potent. Reminiscent of the scent imparted to leather during the tanning process. Recreated with cade and birch oils

Cologne, Shower Oil, Shower Soap, Friction Lotion, Gift Sets with Accessories

At work


Dry and mossy-balsamic nuances may be accented with tobacco or a modern blend

Cologne, Aftershave Lotion, Preshave, Handcare Lotion, Shower Soap, Shower Oil, Travel Gift Sets



A complex creation, originally compounded with a citrus top note and a mossy base

Cologne, Soap, Candles, Talc, Home Fragrance Gift Sets, Handcare Lotion

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