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Fragrance Types For Her

When She Is …

Her Fragrance Type Should Be …

Fabulous Fragrance Gift Choices …



The crystal-clean fresh tang of such fascinating ingredients as lemon, orange and lime


The zest and energy of freshly cut grass and dewy-green leaves

Splash Cologne, Bath Talc or Powder, Soap, All-Over Body Lotion, Toilet Water, Cologne Sprays



Refreshingly "foresty" sandalwood, rosewood, cedar and other aromatic woods combined with earthy oak moss and fern notes

Perfume, Potpourri, Bath Oil, Eau de Parfum, Toilet Water


Floral Oriental:

Sophisticated, mysterious and sultry, it is an uninhibited mixture of exotic flowers, herbs and fixatives

Perfume, Candles, Sachet, Milk Bath, Eau de Parfum, Toilet Water



Pungent notes like cloves, ginger and cinnamon or the haunting aroma of carnation

Perfume, Potpourri, Bath Oil, Home Fragrance Gift Sets, Body Lotion


Single Florals:

The dominant fragrance note captures the distinct and identifiable scent of a single flower such as rose, jasmine or lilac

Perfume, Potpourri, Bath Crystals, Drawer Liners, Sachet


Modern Blend:

An inexplicable top note always personified by a brilliant sparkle. It is one of the perfumers most imaginative creations

Perfume, Purse Atomizer, Travel Packages, Cologne, Sachet, Soap


Floral Bouquet:

A creative blend of individual flower notes balanced by a variety of contrasting notes from the perfumer’s palette

Bath Preparations, Perfume, Eau de Parfum, Toilet Water, Cologne, Gift Sets with Accessories

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