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Temporal Lobe
Lateral portions of the brain containing, among other regions, olfactory cortex and portions of the limbic system.

The ability of a note or perfume to last or retain its characteristic odor.

promotional fragrance product, may not look exactly like the original, but it's the same perfume or cologne inside

When a perfume lacks complexity or depth

is cold-processed alcoholic extract from natural products. They were much favored in former times, but their use today is on the decline for economic reasons.

natural and synthetic, are predominantly used in masculine perfumes. In addition to the pure tobacco note, scents such as honey and plum, which are used to flavor tobacco, also play a part.

Dominant note or theme of a fragrance.

Tonka Bean
A thumb-size pod from a plant native to Brazil, said to smell of vanilla with strong hints of cinnamon, cloves and almonds, it's cheaper than vanilla pods, and sometimes used as a vanilla substitute outside of the United States.

Top Note
The first impression of a fragrance when sniffed or applied to the skin; usually the most volatile ingredients in a perfume.

Top Notes
volatile fragrance ingredients that provide the first impression you get from your perfume. Top notes last the least amount of time, anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes

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