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Sensory Stages

Sensory Stage




People in this age group usually possess the keenest sense of smell and will enjoy a broad range of fragrance types—from the most delicate to the most dramatic.

Managing a home, family and possibly a career, a young mother operates in a demanding atmosphere. With so little time to herself, she likes to make the most of it. Her gifts should take her out of the ordinary world. Nothing does it with more glamour and panache than fragrance

Having taken on many new responsibilities, "Dad" is under lots of stress and strain. Help ease his demanding pressures with a relaxing soothing, harmonious scent. Remember, smell messages, unlike any other sensory messages, go directly to the side of the brain that controls our emotions – appeals to our creative energies


Both men and women in this stage of their lives are eager to increase their powers. Suggest a wide variety of fragrance types with emphasis on scents that are dynamic and have immediate impact.

This is a time of "rediscovery"—children are growing up, some starting college. "Mother" may have begun new hobbies, gone back to school, re-entered the work force. Add to her new spirit of adventure with a spirited gift of perfume that emphasizes her new upbeat mood

"Dad" is at the height of his career and personal prestige. Give him a fragrance on his special day that reflects his success – he’ll especially appreciate a distinctive classic


Many people find their sense of smell is not as keen as it used to be. Dramatic, intense fragrances are perfect for this age group.

Free of family responsibilities, "Mom" has the opportunity to do "her own thing" – whether it’s traveling, entertaining, or playing golf. For her new free’n easy "life-on-the-go" suggest a wardrobe of fragrances in travel size containers. Complementary "his" and "her" fragrances that reflect the togetherness between "Mom" and "Dad" are also perfect

As pressures ease, "Dad" can relax and enjoy the things he hasn’t had time for before. He might begin new hobbies, devote more time to old ones, and just enjoy "Life With Mother"—traveling and entertaining. To complement his leisurely life-style, his fragrance gifts should express the joys of nature and his newfound freedom

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