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Receptor Cell
Located in the olfactory epithelium, each cell has microscopic hairs (cilia) extending into the mucus. Odoriferous substances are thought to bind chemically to specific sites on these cilia. This chemical event is translated into an electrical message that is transmitted along the olfactory nerves to the olfactory bulb.

are extracts from resins or plant parts (except for the blossom). In addition to the essential oils, they contain ingredients such as the waxes and resins which are soluble in whatever solvent is being used in the particular process. In order to facilitate the use of resinoids, high-boiling, odorless solvents are often added to them. Resinoids often have a dark color and especially good fixing properties.

are mainly solid or semi-solid organic plant secretions. They must go through a cleaning process.

Retronasal Olfaction
Stimulation of the olfactory receptor cells by chemicals that originate in our mouth (most often during eating) and travel to the olfactory epithelium via the nasopharynx during exhalation.

Root-like stems with nodes, which grow under or along the ground. Certain perfume raw materials come from rhizomes, e.g., Orris absolute and ginger oil.

Rose de Mai
Rose absolute made from the centifolia rose.

Rounding Out
Perfume ingredients, often from natural origins, added to fragrance compositions to enrich, modify or soften any harsh qualities.

means harmonizing and binding together the principal ingredients of a perfume, either with odorants that are closely related odor-wise, or with other adjuncts that also fit into the picture and can therefore help to produce a balanced, harmonious whole.

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