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is a procedure by which blossom oils are extracted with the aid of warm fats. It is similar to enfleurage.

as well as feminine, in the perfume sense, are subjective fragrance impressions. Normally, the term "masculine," is applied to fragrance favored by men. These contain dry notes of tobbaco, spices, mosses and woods. They are generally less floral than feminine perfumes, and often contain a high percentage of fresh ingredients. In the past few years, masculine and feminine notes have come closer and closer together.

A perfume must mature for four to eight week,. before it can go on sale. This time is necessary tc allow the individual ingredients to blend, bringing the fragrance to its full development.

A fragrance that gives a balanced, smooth and rich impression.

notes are used in perfumes to produce cool, clean effects. They are used in nuances, and very seldom occur dominantly.

A method of incorporating thin-walled, microscopic capsules containing fragrance oils into a solid substance (fragrance advertising inserts, capsules, blotters, paper, etc.)

Middle Notes
The middle or "heart" notes make up a main blend of a fragrance that classifies the fragrance family or accord. It usually takes from ten to twenty minutes for the middle notes to fully develop on the skin.

Middle Notes or "Heart"
fragrance ingredients, also known as the heart notes, emerge about 15 minutes after application and once the top notes have faded. Middle notes last about an hour or more and act as the heart of your signature scent. It is mainly produced by floral, spicy or woody components and represents, as its name indicates, the heart of the perfume.

miniature perfume bottle

Fragrance notes which are reminiscent of peppermint and spearmint are used in perfumery to produce special fresh effects in the top-note.

The stage in the production of perfume in which the concentrated perfume oils are mixed, on a large scale, according to the perfumer's recipe, is known as the mixing or compounding plant.

In perfumery the modern era began at the beginning of the 20th century when synthetic aroma chemicals such as aldehydes, were first used. A modern fragrance is a harmonious conception of the perfumer based on new notes or harmonies often unknown in nature.

Modern For Women
Scents in this family are made from aldehydes, which are pure scent chemicals. These scents grow stronger as the are warmed by the skin, aldehydes also intensify the other scents in a perfume. This trend started by Coco Chanel with her Chanel #5 is used in almost every perfume manufactured today. Famous modern fragrances include Chanel No.5 by Chanel, Red by Giorgio Beverly Hills, and White Linen by Estee Lauder.

means varying an existing, basic fragrance theme by changing some ingredients or introducing new, additional nuances. The result may impress a lay-person as a new perfume, but the expert will recognize a mere variation on an old theme.

odors of different kinds of tree mosses (especially oak moss) play an important part in nearly all perfume types. They are of special significance in the chypre notes. Mossy nuances are very complex and can have, besides the basic moss element, algae-like, leathery, woody and other characteristics. Their especially good fixing qualities, as well as their ability to give fragrances substance and depth, make them indispensable.

(French for) Lily of the Valley. The Italian term is "Mughetto".

is a secretion of the musk deer. The material extracted from musk-sacs has a strong animal-smell. The natural product, as well as chemicals with musk-like odors, are of great significance in the perfume industry. They give perfumes a warm, erotic note and have outstanding fixing characteristics. Perfumes that are based on musk notes are especially subject to fashionable trends.

A gum resin produced from a bush found in Arabia and Eastern Africa.

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