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An aromatic gum that originates from the rockrose bush (genus Cistus). The sweet woody odor is said to mimic ambergris, and can also be used to impart a leather note.

The ability of a fragrance to retain its character over a given period of time. Leafy: One of the many variations of the green note.

Lavender For Men
For men this family includes oils taken from the lavandin and lavender plants grown in southern France as well as spike lavender from Spain. One of the fragrance world oldest scents is pure basic feel is perfect for every day use. Famous lavender fragrances include Ungaro by Ungaro.

possesses a dry-fresh, herbaceous odor. It is used in many perfumes, especially in masculine notes.

Fragrance type and odor resembling the sweet, pungent smokiness characteristic of the ingredients used in the tanning process of leathers.

Leather For Men
For men this family includes cade oil (from juniper trees) and birch tar (a resin extracted from Finish birch trees). This very potent commination of smoky and sweet scent makes family of colognes very popular. Famous leather fragrances include English Leather by Dana Perfumes, Royal Copenhagen, and Pour Lui (Oscar) by Oscar De La Renta.

as well as tobacco notes, play a significant part in the masculine perfumes. Both natural expressions and fantasy interpretations of this theme exist and are used in the perfume industry. Leather notes also play a part in feminine perfumes; for instance, in the chypre family.

A shrub native to Europe and Asia. The roots are used for candy and flavoring, and are said to be 50 times sweeter than sugar.

To add life to a fragrance blend is to give it lift and some brilliancy; lift can also refer to diffusiveness of a given blend. A perfume having lift has a brilliant top note with wide diffusiveness.

perfume notes owe their character mainly to fresh, citrus, floral, fruity and green components. They contain practically no sweet, balsamic or sultry elements. It used to be difficult, but today, the perfumer has the means to give good fixation also to perfumes of light character.

Limbic System
The portion of the brain that controls our moods and emotions and contains the apparatus for the formation, storage and retrieval of memories.

Also called lime-blossom, but this is from the flower of the Linden (Tilia) tree, not the citrus tree that produces limes. French name is Tilleul.

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