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Sensory Gift Giving Guide — From a Man

From a Man to:

Sensory Message

Fragrance Form


His Wife/Sweetheart


Oriental Blend:

Mysterious and sultry. A blending of brilliant exotic flowers, herbs and fixatives. Designed to have a strong erotic appeal


The strongest and most long-lasting of all fragrance forms

His Mother


Floral Bouquet:

An intricately blended bouquet of flower notes balanced with base notes such as rose, jasmine and musk

Eau de Parfum:

Next in strength to perfume and an ideal all-over-the-body foundation for lasting layering

His Daughter


Single Floral:

Captures the scent of a single flower such as a rose, carnation, violet or lilac

Toilet water:

A long lasting form of fragrance. Made to be used lavishly all-over the body

His Father



Dry and mossy-balsamic nuances creating the impression of dried and cured tobacco

After Shave Balm:

A thickened hydro-alcoholic emulsion-type lotion intended to provide moisturization, emolliency and an attractive scent

His Son



Reminiscent of the scent imparted to leather during the tanning process. Smoky, pungent and somewhat sweet

After Shave:

A hydro-alcoholic solution with perfume oil. Intended to provide fragrance as well as to cool and soothe the skin after shaving

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