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A gum resin that imparts a "green" smell.

is an instrument for the analysis of organic chemical mixtures. In a spiral ass or metal column, packed with porous material, the various components are separated according to physical properties such as polarity ad vapor pressure. The signals received are amplified and, with the help of a printer, printed onto a chromatogram.

In perfumery, describes fragrances which evoke food smells, such as chocolate, honey, or fruits.

It is a town in Southern France, behind the Riviera. The town has a Mediterranean climate, which is well-suited for the cultivation of plants that produce perfume raw materials. For many years, Grasse has been one of the principal centers in the world for the production of perfume materials.

Fragrance family or type whose odor is reminiscent of fresh-cut grass, leaves or a warm, moist forest. Green notes add lift and vigor to a fragrance composition.

Green For Women
Scents in this family include rosemary, lavender, pine, juniper, hyacinth, and galabanum. Green perfumes smell of green leaves and fresh cut grass mixed with autumn breezes. Famous green fragrances include Chanel No.19 by Chanel, Gio by Giorgio Armani, Safari by Ralph Lauren, and Sung by Alfred Sung.

Guaiac (or Gaiac) Wood
The oil is steam distilled from a South American tree that produces the hardest, densest wood known.

Gums, Resins, Balsams
The resinous exudates of the bark, twigs or leaves of trees or shrubs.

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