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A perfume bottle made for commercial display only -- the contents are not actually perfume.

Odor fatigue results from overlong exposure to an odor, or from smelling too many fragrances at one time. The nose can no longer discern any particular smell.

is the same name for the odor that suggests oil, lard, wax and so on. In small doses, these notes are reminiscent of the smell of human skin. They can therefore contribute to the erotic effect of a scent.

In the context of perfumery, femininity is a quality that is judged subjectively. Any perfume that underlines the womanly attributes of its wearer can be termed feminine, though much depends on the rapport between fragrance and user. Perfumes with floral accents are generally considered to be especially feminine. Of course, this does not prevent women from using scents that are considered to have a masculine character, but the majority uses those with feminine characteristics.

The property of a fragrance which prolongs the continuity and life of the odor. A fixative acts by improving, fortifying or transporting the vapors of other perfume materials.

is a process that promotes the retention of the fragrance on the skin as long as possible. To achieve this, heavy, non-volatile substances are used which develop their full fragrance intensities only very slowly, and maintain them for longer periods. Substances are also used for this purpose which have no strong odors of their own, but have the ability to make other fragrances last longer. Good substantivity is a characteristic of every well-constructed fragrance composition. It should be noted that an excessive amount of fixative in a perfume is no guarantee of good retention, because substances can hinder one another in their fragrance diffusion.

A word to describe beautifully designed perfume bottles sometimes especially designed for portability.

a fragrance that capitalizes on the success of a master brand. For instance, J Lo Glow was followed by the flanker scents Miami Glow and Love at First Glow. Many flankers are released as limited editions. Some flanker scents are variations on the original fragrance (e.g. they might share certain notes), others share nothing more than the name.

Lacking in lift, diffusion and distinction.

Fragrance family or type; either characteristic of a specific flower or a blend of several flower notes.

Floral For Women
Scents in this family include violet, carnation, rose, gardenia, lily of the valley, tuberose and narcissus. Floral perfumes usually include a combination of several different floral scents. Famous floral fragrances include Chloe by Karl Lagerfeld, Eternity by Calvin Klein, Gucci Accenti by Gucci, and Joy by Jean Patou.

perfumes are those that have a noticeably fruity element, especially in the top note, as an accessory to the main theme, which is always floral. Excesses of fruitiness are to be avoided as they would suggest food-flavor rather than perfume.

Florentine flasks
see Distillation

Floriental For Women
Scents in this family include jasmine, gardenia tangerine, freesia, oamanthus, orange flower, and moon flowers. This category also has base scents of sandalwood, musk, amber, and apricot. Although this actually a sub category of the floral family it is extensive enough to give proper recognition. The perfumes in this family can be worn during the daytime and a night on the town, due to the combinations of exotic floras, spices, and essences. Famous floriental fragrances include Joop! Femme by Joop!, Samsara by Guerlain, Sun Moon Stars by Karl Lagerfeld, and Tresor by Lancome.

Possessing a fragrance resembling a flower. Term often used to describe certain aromatic chemicals such as heliotropin, hedione, rhodinol and anistic aldehyde.

Forest Blends
Aromatic, woodsy - mossy notes.

The formula of a perfume compound gives full details of its components-quality and quantity wise-and is used like a recipe for preparing the mixture. To formulate a perfume can take many, many years of experiments. Formulas, holding a company's Know How, is jealously-guarded trade secrets, sometimes handed down from generation to generation.

The French word for "fern." Fougère fragrances depend on aromatic chemicals to produce the fern-like notes that combine well with lavender, citrus and coumarin in fragrances for men.

Fougere For Men
For men these families include coumarin, oak moss, lavender and sometimes geranium oil. Pronounced "fooz-hare," fougre' is the French word for fern. This, of course, is an odd term for a fragrance since ferns have no scent at all! Famous fougere fragrances include Boss No.1 by Hugo Boss, and Paco Rabanne by Paco Rabanne.

Fougere For Women
This family include coumarin, oak moss, lavender and sometimes geranium oil. Pronounced "fooz-hare," fougre' is the French word for fern. This, of course, is an odd term for a fragrance since ferns have no scent at all! Famous fougere fragrances include Baryshnikov by Parlux Fragrances, Cool Water by Davidoff, and Safari by Ralph Lauren.

Synonymous with Perfume and Extracts. It's better used to describe the smell part of the perfume rather than the product perfume.

are narrow strips of absorbent paper about 15 centimeters long with which scent samples are taken and smelled. On smelling strips, the evaporation of fragrance materials and perfume oils can be observed in the different phases they go through. Final judgement of a perfume must always be made on the skin, however.

All the materials which the perfumers put together to form a perfume composition are known as fragrance components. These are uniform chemical substances, natural products and simple or complex mixtures - the so-called bases and specialties.

Fragrance development is the general behavioral pattern of a perfume in the hands of its user. A good perfume should perform three functions. These are: a) Immediate impact on opening the bottle; b) Noticeable emanation from the skin in all phases of fragrance evaporation; c) Noticeable scent in the area that surrounds the user

The fragrance material industry is a branch of the chemical industry. This industry includes the producers of natural and synthetic fragrance materials and perfume oils. The fragrance material industry is a supplier to the manufacturers of perfumes, cosmetics and other products of this nature.

are products of plant and animal origin, extracted by different processes. Some examples are essential oils, absolutes, concretes, resins, balsams and tinctures.

Fragrance Notes
ingredients that are commonly used in the composition of perfumes. Fragrances are typically formulated by layering three scents, or notes - top, middle and base

is the term for the working area of the perfumer, in which the fragrance materials he uses in his work are arranged around him in tiers, like the pipes of an organ around an organist.

A tropical flower, also known as West Indian Jasmine (although botanically speaking it is not a member of the jasmine family), plumeria and is frequently used to make leis.

in relation to the effect of a perfume, is a subjective feeling that can be caused by different fragrance impressions. In European regions, freshness is generally associated with lemon, lavender and green notes, light floral components: light and clear elements, mostly. In other regions, North America for example, sweet and powdery perfumes are also considered as fresh.

is the fragrance impression of natural fruit odors, such as raspberry, apple, plum, etc. Their sensual role in perfumery is only to produce nuances. However, single fruit odors do become fashionable, from time to time, in such products as shampoos. Exaggerated doses of fruit notes give perfumes the effect of being "edible," i.e. the opposite of erotic.

Fruity For Women
Scents in this family include apple, apricot, mandarin,bergamont neroli, passoin fruit, pineapple,and papaya. These perfumes are known to have a clean citrus quality and a soft, peach-like warmth. Famous fruity fragrances include Jess by Jessica McClintock, Lauren by Ralph Lauren, and Liz Claiborne by Liz Claiborne.

Well-rounded fragrance possessing depth and richness.

Odors suggestive of molds, mushrooms and fungi; important notes in muguet fragrances as well as other florals.

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