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Men's Fragrance Categories
Thyme, sage, mint, rosemary, anis and clove are some of the herbs and spices that produce an aromatic perfume.

Fresh Citrus
Classical citrus notes (bergamot, orange, lemon, petitgrain, mandarin, etc.) that linger down to the base of the fragrance.

Floral Citrus

Floral accords round out the fresh citrus background of this masculine blend (woods and spices).

A powerful fantasy composition of bergamot, oakmoss and geranium.

Marine Fougere

Ozonic and marine accords act as the element of freshness in this modernized fougere.

Amber Oriental
Sweet ambery accords with balsamic, caramel, or fruity nuances in the topnote.

Spicy Oriental
Warm exotic spice notes intertwined with oriental base accords.

Woody Chypre
Base notes dominate, with moss and patchouli aspects lightened with a fresh citrus topnote.

Leathery Chypre
Dry, smoky or warm balsamic leather accords counterpoised with a fresh topnote.

Flowers, woods and balsam create this warm and sensual blend.

A warm, dry, elegant and masculine scent. Patchouli, vetyver, sandalwood and cedar form the heart of these fragrances.

A lavender note is dominated by the fresh, bracing scent of the flower. It is often blended with fougere, woods or floral notes.

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