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Basic Terms

B/L:body lotion

Base notes:fragrance ingredients that reveal the depth and strength of that fragrance and usually last around 24 hours

Damaged box:brand new product, box is ugly

Eau de cologne:French for "Water from Cologne", a citrusy, light perfume with a typical concentration of about 2-5% aromatic compounds

Eau Fraiche:French for "fresh water" which contains just 1 to 3 percent concentration of essential oils

EDC:eau de cologne - literally translates to "water of cologne"

EDP:eau de parfum - literally translates to "water of perfume" or "perfumed water"

EDT:eau de toilette - perfume solution with a 3-8% aromatic compound in an oil and water base

Fragrance notes:ingredients that are commonly used in the composition of perfumes. Fragrances are typically formulated by layering three scents, or notes - top, middle and base

Headspace technology:perfumers' method used to analyze the natural scent of a living flower with computers and duplicate that aroma in a lab

Middle notes:fragrance ingredients, also known as the heart notes, emerge about 15 minutes after application and once the top notes have faded. Middle notes last about an hour or more and act as the heart of your signature scent

Mini:miniature perfume bottle

Parfum (Parfum):French word for perfume - containing between 10-30% aromatic compounds, making it the second strongest fragrance

Perfume:the richest and longest-lasting product of a fragrance line with 20%-40% aromatic compounds, making it the purest and most expensive

Pulse points:folds in the crook of your elbow and back of knees, behind the ears, ankles, wrists, neck and cleavage where blood vessels are closest to the skin giving off heat and acting like mini fragrance scent diffusers

S/G:shower gel

Signature scent:perfect fragrance match, one that you love and smells great on you because it reacts well with your body chemistry

Spray:bottle with atomizer

Splash:bottle without atomizer, can pour

Tester:promotional fragrance product, may not look exactly like the original, but it's the same perfume or cologne inside

Top notes:volatile fragrance ingredients that provide the first impression you get from your perfume. Top notes last the least amount of time, anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes

Unboxed:brand new product, comes without a box

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