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Short for Body Lotion

The back note is the third and last phase of a perfume's life on the skin, or evaporation. It contains the lasting ingredients, such as woods, resins, animal and crystalline substances. In heavy perfumes (chypre and Oriental notes, for instance) the back note is so strongly accented that it is discernible in the top-note, or first impression.

Baies de Genivre
(French for) juniper berry

Baies Rose
Pink peppercorns, from the tree schinus molle, also known as the Peruvian or California pepper tree. These are actually dried berries and not "true" peppercorns.

is a fragrance impression that can be described as sweet, soft and warm. Basically, balsamic notes result from the use of balsams and resins in perfume compositions. The Oriental perfumes in particular are characterized by balsamic ingredients.

are vicious secretions of plants that emerge when the plant's outer layers are injured. Unlike the resinoids, balsams do not require an extraction process prior to their being used in perfumery.

Base Notes
fragrance ingredients that reveal the depth and strength of that fragrance and usually last around 24 hours

The tangy oil expressed from the nearly ripe, non-edible bergamot orange. The oranges are grown mostly in Italy and are used to flavor Earl Grey tea.

The zest of the bitter orange.

is the fragrance impression that corresponds to bitterness in terms of taste. It is produced by a combination of roots (such as vetiver), herbs (such as wormwood), animal notes (such as in leather) and others. Bitter accents are to be found mainly in masculine fragrances.

Harmonious mixture of perfumery ingredients.

The main fragrance theme - the middle or "heart" of a perfume. Also used to describe a fragrance that is well rounded or full.

Bony Turbinates
The thin, scroll-like, bony plates extending from the walls of the nasal chambers.

is a mixture of various floral notes. Often, the bouquet is the most important ingredient of the middle-note in a perfume. Bouquetting is the embellishment, harmonizing and rounding-off of a composition.

The rounding off and harmonizing of a perfume or flavor.

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