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Brand SmithMicro
Model SCM10BX2
Name Spring Cleaning 10
Operating Systems Supported Mac OS
System Requirements Mac OS 10.4.2 or higher
Mac OS 10.5 or newer required for scripting support. (NOTE: Uploading to Picasa in Photo A.K.A. requires Mac OS 10.5 or newer or an Intel machine.)
Packaging Retail
Features Mac OS 10.5 Leopard Compatible
Spring Cleaning 9.1.1 now offers full support of Mac OS 10.5 "Leopard".

Photo A.K.A.
Easily rename and organize large collections of files and photos

Application Scripting
Automate time consuming tasks using work scripts

File Sorter
Sort your files quickly using your criteria

Poser File Finder

Movie Finder

Podcast Finder

Create Disk Images
Turn collections of files into ‘virtual disks’ for easy sharing and storing

Stuff And Mail
Easily add Stuffed attachments to emails

Improved! QuickCompare
Quickly compare two archives, files, folders or application packages for differences

Automate tasks to run when you want

Duplicates Finder
Locate duplicates and similar files and packages that you may not need

System Snapshot
Scan your system to view any changes that took place since your last scan
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