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Brand Scythe USA
Model SCVMS-1000
Compatibility ATi:
Radeon 9xxx
Radeon Xxxx
Radeon X1300
Radeon X1600
Radeon X1650
Radeon X1800
Radeon X1900
Radeon X1950
Radeon HD2600
Radeon HD2900XT
Radeon HD3650
Radeon HD3850
Radeon HD3870
Radeon HD4850
Radeon HD4870
* Not compatible with ATi RADEON 9550/9600

GeForce FX5900
GeForce 6600
GeForce 6800
GeForce 7300
GeForce 7600
GeForce 7800
GeForce 7900
GeForce 8500
GeForce 8600
GeForce 8800GT
GeForce 8800GTS
GeForce 9600
GeForce 9800GTX
* Not compatible with nVIDIA GeForce 6600 AGP
Bearing Type Sleeve
RPM 800 - 2000 RPM
Air Flow 11.45 - 27.60CFM
Noise Level 12.50 - 29.22dBA
Physical Spec
Fan Dimensions 100 x 100 x 12mm
Heatsink Dimensions 104 x 250 x 35mm
Features Wider Compatibility
This product is compatible for wide variety of graphic cards, for ATI Radeon 9000 to HD4800 class, and for nVIDIA GeForce FX5900 to 9600 class.

Dual Independent Fan with Controller
Equipped with dual Scythe original super thin "“Kaze Jyu Slim 100mm" fan, users can independently control each fan speed to fulfill the demand for silent to over-clocking purposes.

Optional Single Fan Mode
Single fan mode can be arranged by simply detaching 1 fan and place another fan onto the middle of the VGA cooler to intensively cool the GPU.

Air-Through Construction
Airflow can be directed to the entire graphic card to ensure the complete cooling of the graphic card.

Various Memory Heatsinks Included
In order to maximize the cooling performance, the various memory heatsinks (chips) are included in the package.
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