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Brand CBL
Type Color Balance Lens
Diameter 110mm
Compatibility Digital Back Mount View Camera
Digital Back Mount SLR Camera
Digital SLR Camera/ ENG Camera
Camcorder / Compact Camera
Features The full color balance of the CBL Lens offers greater gradation, resolution and sharpness.
The CBL Lens is based on a new concept with state of the art technology that controls the Full Color Balance of 24bits.
The CBL Color Balance System is extremely easy to use and has two sides to the disc for a variety of situations. The White Side is designed using a specially fomulated grooved board over a reflector lens, covered with a condenser, to give accurate color balance in mixed lighting situations, low light, or on cloudy and overcast days. The Grey Reverse Side is formulated from a secret combination of thirteen different materials which have been tested to produce the most consistent color balance and is best suited to studioflash photography and direct sunlight. The CBL Lens system is not only effective but is also extremely simple with you being able to set the white balance while leaving the camera in auto-focus mode and without having to remove the lens hood. The CBL Lens materials are also waterproof and the color characteristics will not change over time, giving the most consistent and accurate results.
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