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Brand BookEndz
Model BE-01G40T
Type Docking Station
Features Your G4 PowerBook is an indispensable tool. Compact and powerful, it leaves little to be desired when you are on the road. But back in the office, it is nice to have the full size keyboard, monitor, mouse, network connections and other peripherals associated with a desktop computer. The BookEndz Docking Station allows your G4 to be used in that environment, without the time consuming task of individually attaching each device. Simply slide the G4 into the BookEndz dock, and you\'re done. It\'s a snap!
Specifications Ports
All rear panel PowerBook ports are replicated, including FireWire, USB, Ethernet, S-video, Composite Video, Modem, Reset Button, IrDA, Power and Kensington lock slot feature. The angled IrDA port allows easy side access to infrared transmission. Also included is a built-in retainer to clip and hold your audio cable.

With the PowerBook attached, the system measures 1.5" high, 16.75" wide and 12.5" deep, not much more than the G4 by itself.

Place your G4 on the BookEndz dock, and slide back until connected. You\'re ready to go in about five seconds! Ejection levers on each side of the dock allow it to be disconnected in about the same amount of time. Initial installation takes about as long as you currently spend individually connecting all devices to the PowerBook. Like a desktop computer, this is only done once.
Compatibility 2001 PowerBook G4

Silver color (Titanium) with FireWire Port. Not compatible with DVI G4
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