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Brand Battery-Biz
Model AC-B10
General Spec
Type AC Adapter
Compatibility Compatible with: Acer Extensa 515, TravelMate 512DX, TravelMate 512T; Epson ActionNote 700; IBM Netfinity 7000 M10, Thinkpad 240, Thinkpad 365, Thinkpad 365C, Thinkpad 365CD, Thinkpad 365CS, Thinkpad 365CSD, Thinkpad 365E, Thinkpad 365ED, Thinkpad 365X, Thinkpad 365XD, Thinkpad 380D, Thinkpad 380D-MMX, Thinkpad 380E, Thinkpad 380ED, Thinkpad 380XD, Thinkpad 380Z, Thinkpad 385, Thinkpad 385CD, Thinkpad 385D, Thinkpad 385D-MMX, Thinkpad 385ED, Thinkpad 385XD, Thinkpad 390, Thinkpad 390E, Thinkpad 390X, Thinkpad 535, Thinkpad 550, Thinkpad 560, Thinkpad 560C, Thinkpad 560E, Thinkpad 560X, Thinkpad 560Z, Thinkpad 570, Thinkpad 570E, Thinkpad 600, ThinkPad 600A, Thinkpad 600E, Thinkpad 600X, ThinkPad 701, Thinkpad 701C, Thinkpad 770, Thinkpad 770E, Thinkpad 770ED, Thinkpad 770X, Thinkpad 770Z, Thinkpad A, ThinkPad A20, ThinkPad A20M, ThinkPad A20P, Thinkpad A21e, Thinkpad A21M, Thinkpad A21P, ThinkPad A22M, ThinkPad A30, ThinkPad A30P, ThinkPad E530, ThinkPad i 1200 series, ThinkPad i 1251, ThinkPad i 1271, ThinkPad i 1300, ThinkPad i 1321, ThinkPad i 1340, ThinkPad i 1351, ThinkPad i 1361, ThinkPad i 1391, Thinkpad i 1418, Thinkpad i 1420, Thinkpad i 1421, Thinkpad i 1441, ThinkPad i 1442, ThinkPad i 1460, Thinkpad i 1480, ThinkPad i 1482, ThinkPad i 1500, Thinkpad i 1720, Thinkpad i 1721, ThinkPad T, ThinkPad T20, ThinkPad T21, ThinkPad T22, ThinkPad T23, Thinkpad X20, ThinkPad X21, ThinkPad X22
AC Adapter Voltage 15 TO 17 V
Physical spec
Dimension 4.00" x 2.38" x 1.25"
Weight 1.1 lbs.
Features Color: Black
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